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River City Choppers is an authorized distributor of Flir Systems in Canada. Below you will find a sample of the many products available to suit your thermal imaging needs. Please see the Flir Web Site for more products available from River City Choppers.



cameraThe EVS3™ is a low cost, light weighxt thermal imaging camera designed for commercial and Erecreational sport aviation including arial firefighting. At 2.9 lbs the EVS3™ can be installed in a wide variety of aircraft from helicopters to fixed wing airplanes and is available with your choice of three lens options for a wide (46°), medium (35°) or narrow (25°) field of view.


The EVS3™ Camera enhances a pilot's night vision by allowing him or her to see terrain and other aircraft at long ranges, even in total darkness, light fog, dust and heavy smoke. Designed for integration with existing multi-function displays, with a simple “power in and standard video out” interface, it includes FLIR’s patented Dynamic Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) assuring excellent image quality regardless of scene dynamics, revealing scene detail missed by more expensive competitive systems.


River City Choppers has exclusively designed mounts for the EC120B and the AS350/355 aircraft with approval pending from Transport Canada and the FAA.



  • Reduce the risk of "Controlled Flight Into Terrain" (CFIT).
  • Ability to see clearly in total darkness.
  • Increase visibility in poor weather conditions - rain, haze, fog or "brown outs."
  • Identify difficult, rugged and sloping terrain.
  • See trees, terrain and obstacles from farther away.
  • Detect incursions on the runway and avoid "near misses" with other air traffic.










More products coming soon...

Side by side, with and without EVS3.

PICTURE 2 Better target aquisition for delivery of retardants in arial firefighting.

Select the focal length best for your job: wide, medium or narrow (shown at 50m).

Flir's Dynamic DDE advantage over their competition.

RC Chopper's exclusive mount design on the AS 355.


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