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RC Choppers announces Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources latest to install FLIR® EVS3™ Vision System

Friday, March 26, 2010

River City Choppers of Langley BC is pleased to anounce that it has been selected by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to supply five FLIR EVS3™ Enhanced Vision System IR cameras for installation on Ontario MNR CL-415 Fire Fighting Aircraft.

The FLIR EVS3™ is designed by FLIR Systems Inc to provide pilots with enhanced vision in poor daylight or night flying conditions. Using infrared thermal imaging the camera is able to penatrate smoke and haze to provide an on screen image to the cockpit crew of the fire line and terrain ahead.

River City Choppers is an authorized FLIR Systems EVS3™ distributor in Canada and is currently in certification process with both Transport Canada and the FAA for installation of the EVS3TM system on various helicopter types.



For more information contact: River City Choppers at (778) 233-4354 or go to

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